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Woven into our practice with inseparable intimacy is neigong work, which we consider fundamental to, and a hallmark of, true internal martial arts training. These deceptively simple exercises build inner structural and functional connections and integrity, and are the source of the secret or mysterious skills of the masterhands of old.

Neigong work is combined with ‘qigong’ (energy work which promotes the flow of ‘qi’ and blood) in a natural and interdependent way. Although to some extent it is possible to practice qigong without an understanding on neigong work, a natural outcome of correct neigong work is that qigong skill is developed and acquired at the same time.

So, in practice, the two terms (qigong and neigong) are in fact functionally inseparable, and this is how it is taught and practiced in our school.

This is applied to our approach to the practice of the classical qigong methods as well, such as the “Ba Duan Jin” ( eight pieces of silk) and the (earlier) “Five Primal Animals” sets, so that they are brought more to life and the benefits intrinsic in their spirited practice become more discernible.